The money, the house, the clothes, the cars…

Ferret has the lot, he’s the man living the dream. What he really wants is to put the world of high finance behind him and follow his one true ambition of becoming a paranormal investigator. But the secret society he works for won’t allow it: they order him to continue with his fraudulent lifestyle instead.  Following the death of his estranged father and the delivery of some highly classified research files, Ferret soon realises that Project XIII is a modern day Pandora’s box. What he discovers will change his life forever and there’s no going back.

The Ferret Files is available to purchase here.


One Response to “Synopsis”

  1. Eva Lefoy January 10, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    I think you have a lot going on in this story and it’s going to be a challenge to work it all in. you’ll have little room for fluff. it’s gonna be a seat of your pants read when its done!


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